Fratelli – Serif Font

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Step back in time with Fratelli, an antique serif font that will take your designs on a journey to the past. This carefully crafted typeface is a true gem, retrieved from an alchemy volume dated 1577, featuring unique shapes and imperfections that make it one-of-a-kind.

Fratelli offers a complete set of characters, including uppercases, lowercases, numbers, basic punctuation, and international language support, providing you with endless design possibilities. Plus, the package includes a set of five beautiful illustrations from the iconic ‘Symbola Heroica’ volume by Claude Paradin, originally printed in Lyon, 1551.

This versatile serif font will give your logos, brands, and labels a touch of historical elegance and charm. Use it on your digital products and websites to add a distinctive and unique vibe to your designs. With Fratelli, you’ll transport your audience to a different time and make a lasting impression.

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