Fantastic Planet

From 19,00 

Fantastic Planet is a stunning collection of 110 illustrations that transport you to an imaginary alien world. These high-resolution illustrations come in two proportions: vertical at 2560x3840px and landscape at 3840x2560px. Each one is a unique and captivating depiction of this strange and wondrous planet, filled with otherworldly features.

From the towering spires of ancient cities to the lush forests and deserts of the wilderness, Fantastic Planet is a visual feast for the senses. The illustrations showcase a wide range of environments, from outer space to shimmering oceans.

Whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration or simply a fan of imaginative sci-fi worlds, Fantastic Planet is a must-have collection. With its richly detailed illustrations and limitless potential for exploration, it’s sure to spark your imagination and transport you to a whole new world. So, if you want to get lost in a world of wonder and imagination, Fantastic Planet is the perfect collection for you.



JPG format
49 Landscape ~ 3840x2560px @72dpi
61 Vertical ~ Size 2560x3840px @72dpi