Fish Vol. 2

From 19,00 

Step into a world of wonder and beauty with this remarkable collection of fish illustrations. These stunning works of art have been carefully curated from a centuries-old volume and have been transformed into exquisite, high-quality vectorized designs. With 108 unique illustrations at your fingertips, your creative possibilities are endless.

From the intricate details of each fish’s scales to the playful movements of their fins, these illustrations capture the essence of aquatic life like never before. Whether you’re designing for print or digital, these vector files provide you with complete flexibility, making it easy to resize and recolor the illustrations to your exact specifications.

So, whether you’re creating an immersive ocean-themed mural or a sophisticated corporate branding campaign, this collection is sure to elevate your work to new heights. With PNG, AI, and EPS files included, this is a resource that you can use again and again to create stunning visuals that truly stand out.


108 Illustrations