Magic Symbols

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This series of 25 unique and carefully designed symbols is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to make a statement with their branding. Each symbol has been meticulously crafted to convey a sense of mystery, intrigue, and power, making them perfect for use in logos, posters, business cards, and any other print or digital media.

These versatile symbols are provided in EPS and PSD file formats, making them super easy to edit, resize, and recolor to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a bold and striking design, or something more subtle and understated, these symbols are the perfect addition to your design arsenal.

The inspiration for these symbols comes from a variety of sources, including ancient mythology, folklore, and occultism. Drawing on these rich cultural traditions, these symbols are imbued with a sense of history and mystery that is sure to captivate your audience.

This set of designs is particularly well-suited for Halloween-themed graphics, as the symbols are perfectly suited to the spooky and otherworldly themes of the holiday. Whether you’re designing a poster for a haunted house, creating spooky graphics for a party, or simply looking to add a touch of Halloween flair to your branding, these symbols are the perfect tool for the job.

Included in this collection are a PSD layered file, an EPS editable vector file, and 25 PNG files on transparent backgrounds, as well as both a white and a dark version of each symbol. So why wait? Add this stunning collection to your design toolkit today, and take your branding and design projects to the next level!

Perfect for Halloween graphics like these I designed:

The designs include:

PSD layered file
EPS editable vector file
25 PNG on transparent background
Light version
Dark version